Why Solar?

* Avoid (unproductive & public nuisance) loadshedding.
* Become independent of the national (unreliable) electricity grid.
* Don't pay any monthly (ever increasing) utility bills.
* Have a free (and reliable) renewable source of electricity supply.
* Have a dependable (and stable) power supply.

What are the components 
of a solar system?

There are 3 major components : 

(a) solar panels
(b) batteries for energy storage 
(c) an inverter (to change the voltage from DC to AC & vice versa)

(As an inverter is mandatory in ALL renewable electricity options, it is the single most important component to select.)


Batteries are used to store power for later use. They can be used without having any solar panels. This makes it extremely convenient in times of loadshedding. We recommend LiFePO4 cells for longevity and safety properties.


Inverters are required with all renewable power installations. It is important to choose the correct inverter from the start as it forms the backbone of your renewable electricity installation. We prefer multi-tasking hybrid inverters.

Solar Panels

A solar panel array harnesses sunlight and converts it into usable electricity for household use. Solar panels can be used without the need for batteries, as long as there is sunlight. Our PV panel of choice are mono-crystalline solar panels.


Solar Only

* Components : Inverter + Solar PV Panels
* System uses solar to operate
* Works during day time sunlight only
* Reduces monthly cost
* Grid-tied (dependent on grid)
* Can upgrade to LARGER SOLAR
* Can upgrade to BATTERIES


* Components : Inverter + Solar + Batteries
* System uses solar AND batteries
* Works 24/7
* Zero monthly cost
* OFF-GRID (NO grid connection)
* Can upgrade to LARGER SOLAR
* Can upgrade to MORE BATTERIES

Batteries Only

* Components : Inverter + Batteries
* System uses batteries to operate
* Works during power outages
* Reduces monthly cost
* Grid-tied (dependent on grid)
* Can upgrade to SOLAR
* Can upgrade to MORE BATTERIES

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